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Is a family owned and operated business since 1999. We provide a wide range of construction and construction related services for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity.


We do, masonry, masonry construction, bricks, brickwork and bricklaying, brick pavers, concrete masonry units, block foundations, stone work, masonry fireplace construction, masonry fireplace reconstruction.


Our goal is to help our clients realize their vision.





Masonry Construction

Morales Masonry Inc.

• Morales Masonry Inc, has incorporated a number of environmentally friendly, green technologies and construction  technics.

• Morales Masonry Inc, is creating a philosophy of designing a building that is in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the project site.

• Also, with proper synergistic design, Morales Masonry Inc, managed to integrate individual green building technologies to work together to produce a greater cumulative effect.   

Going Green